Play Smart, Buy FFXI Gil
2018-04-15 08:51
Final Fantasy XI or FFXI is a massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) which is all about starting as a weak character and then overcoming various constraints, becoming powerful and popular. In the beginning, you are not allowed access to most of the worlds in the game and you tend to lose easily in a fight. Moreover, you get to fight only the weaker monsters which adds meagerly to your score and makes you drag all the way to level up.

One of the most important tactics to strengthen your character quickly so that it levels up is to empower your character with special equipment. Such equipment can be bought against FFXI currency called FFXI Gil.
The most common method of getting Gil in the FFXI game is Gil farming. This sounds simple, but players soon realize that farming takes up a lot of time - time that can be invested in playing the game instead of farming.

Invariably, an hour of farming in FFXI would yield about 10k to 20k Gil. This seems good enough until you get to know this amount is negligible when you have to buy top notch weapons. A relic weapon can easily cost over 100 million FFXI Gil. And you can't even think of spending 5000 hours farming for that amount of FFXI Gil to buy just one weapon, right? And that's assuming that you farm at a consistent rate. What happens if the game developers decide to change some variable in the game, and it affects your yield? You may end up having to spend even more time acquiring Gil.

Crafting or gardening is another method of making Gil. However, this method too, loses its edge because how much Gil you make per hour depends on the level of your craft. The higher your level, the more Gil you can make within the same time span. In other words, you need Gil to make even more Gil.

So, to give the character a jump start, many FFXI players have resorted to buying Gil for real money. When you buy FFXI Gil, you find that your character levels up faster and you can spend more time playing the game instead of worrying about farming or making Gil. You can easily spot great deals online, and there are tons of websites on the Internet offering Gil for sale. And they are available at cheap prices too!
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